Lucy wanted an element of Eastern design in her intro

Recently, here at Los Webos we’ve had a dramatic upturn in work we’ve been doing for vloggers who are looking for a little bit of magic to add the professional finishing touches to their channels.

One such vlogger is Lucy, who came to us by a referral from another YouTube sensation.

Lucy is still very much in the early stages of her journey to internet stardom, and she came to us for a short intro to her videos to kick start her career.

We had an initial chat, and discussed inspirations and potential design options. Lucy sent us a few photos which she liked from the web and Instagram, and we got to work sourcing some similar patterns.

Putting a first draft together in Adobe After Effects CC

Once we’d decided on a pattern we put together a first draft of the intro for her to check out and provide feedback.

At Los Webos we use professional video production tools and techniques which allow us to put together practically anything for our clients. One such tool is Adobe After Effects CC which is a fantastic animation tool with plenty of powerful features.

We went for a bright and vibrant colour scheme with teals, oranges and browns – tied together in a paisley pattern. The pattern would appear on screen as if it were being drawn by ink spilt on antique blotting paper.

The text was then added to appear and then come into focus from an originally blurred script.

We kept in close contact with Lucy until the point where she was delighted with the end result. We switched some colours around in the pattern to give a more feminine feel and animated some of the text to appear is though it is being handwritten as the short introduction plays through.

Here is the finished article, of which both Lucy and Los Webos are intensely proud:

See the intro in use on her channel here.

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