The Los Webos Referral Scheme

10% cash to you, 10% off for your friend

If you refer a friend to Los Webos – we’ll not only give them 10% off their entire order, but also give you 10% commision as a thanks for the referral!


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An example of the referral scheme in action:


  1. Sarah has a friend called James.
  2. James needs a website.
  3. Sarah or James contacts Los Webos.
  4. Los Webos builds the website.
  5. James gets 10% off.
  6. Sarah gets 10% commision.
  7. Everyone wins.
  8. The end.

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We offer a wide variety of bespoke web services to businesses and individuals. From hosting a basic personal website from a template, to a mind-blowing online store with product recommendations and personalised artwork, we’ll have a solution for you!

Grow your business and brand online with SEO expertise and Digital Marketing specialists.

Utilise social media to get the most organic internet traffic for your business.

We are able to also offer various in-house web and user interface design solutions to ensure your website stands out from the rest!

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