The best business websites will be SEO optimised for organic traffic – that is traffic which doesn’t rely on any paid advertising. The difficulty can be the lag in waiting for your search engine optimised content to be listed and crawled by Google, and experts usually expect a 3-6 month delay for any upturn in organic traffic from any on-site optimisation.

How then, can you push traffic to your website in this period, whilst you’re waiting for your SEO to pay off?¬†One option we always discuss with clients is Google Adwords.

Let’s start with some AdWord facts:

  • A top-placed Google Adwords advert on a mobile phone will be clicked on 27% of the time (CTR)
  • The same advert will have a clickthrough rate of 19%
  • Google obtains 95% of its total revenue from AdWord advertising
  • Google earned $79.4 billion from AdWords in 2016
  • The average business generates twice as much business revenue from Google AdWord adverts versus its spend

Of course, Google is making huge amounts of revenue from its Adwords business Рthough none of this would be possible if their customers considered the adverts bad value for money. In short, Google AdWords is one of the most effective ways of leveraging consumer intent and converting it into real profits for your business.

Let’s say you are searching on Google for a window cleaner for your home. You are immediately interested in purchasing the service being offered, so intent is already present. You use the search term “window cleaners” and are presented with a list of organic results and four AdWord results at the top of the page. Some more savvy shoppers may trawl through the first page (maybe even the second page too) and evaluate which option is best for them. We know, however, that nearly 20% of computer users and over 27% of mobile users will click on the first advert. So that’s what we do, and by chance we find our window cleaner and we get to tick off another thing on our to-do list.

There is a huge amount on strategy and technique involved with running an AdWords campaign, and it requires constant attention and tweaking.

Don’t worry – we’ll be digging a little more into the practical application of implementing a Google Adwords campaign in future posts!

If, however, you’d like to get started with AdWords right away – speak to one of our experts about how we can help you drive more business to your website.

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